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Oddity in clothing

I know another post about something related to disability and me but of course what else can I write about when this is my life now?

Something which is not considered by the beauty and fashion community is disability and clothing. Fashion is designed to be sold, which I fully understand why make something if you don't want to sell it? but I don't think the designers and brands ever take into consideration clothing that is easy to put on and wear when you're disabled.

SO, disability takes many different forms in a person obviously, for me personally my physical disabilities stem from chronic pain, four discs which are bulging and fibromyalgia. This means I often struggle with bending and pulling on clothing, socks and shoes are a nightmare haha. It's lucky I have my own personal sock putter oner in Dan. I often choose shoes which are easy to put on, this means soft trainers with the laces already tied so I can just slip them on, other options are shoes such as dolly shoes or ballet pumps (which ever you choose to call them) and this way the shoes are easy to slip on. This means that I am limited to what shoes I can put on by myself and this is something I think the fashion world needs to consider. There are others out there who are much worse off than I am and they don't have someone like I do to put their shoes and socks on, there are apparatus out there which you can put your socks on and they help with that aspect but other than slipping your foot into a shoe and use a shoe horn to make it slip it on.

I have lived the last four weeks while off sick from work in joggers. Super comfortable joggers which I can scrunch up the legs and hook them up on my feet to pull it up my legs. Before this, I LIVED in my black, skinny jeans, I often wear black and these were a staple in my wardrobe. However, even though my jeans are made mostly out of elastane and I don't think you can really call them jeans as there isn't much denim in there ( most plus size clothes have this) but regardless they require a lot of pulling on and need some wiggling to get into ( you would appreciate my jean wiggle I'm 100% sure) so I haven't been able to wear them.

Now I am aware this sounds like a lot of complaining but in all honesty I think if people like me - someone who is both plus size and disabled - share my experience then maybe the fashion world could come up with something which is more inclusive. With my disabilities I have a lot of chronic fatigue which also plays into this issue - if clothes had easier buttons or clasps, if they could find a way for the clothing to be stretchy and comfortable enough for us to wear all day.

To be completely transparent and honest with you - even if it seem like to much information - I know many people like myself struggle with things such as putting on bras. The idea of having to due up the clasp in the front then twizzle the bra round and try and put on the straps. For some people there are bras available that actually clasp in the front but these are not available for everyone and I know I cannot get ones that do this so sometimes I have to get Dan to do it up for me. For other people who live alone, they just have a daily struggle of putting the bra on, unless you want to put on a pull over sport bra or soft pull over you just have to struggle.

There is no-one to blame when it comes to non-inclusive fashion, it just means that other people like me need to speak up to try and make them aware that these changes are needed.

Please comment and let me know what you think and whether you have any views or experience when it comes to disabilities or pain getting in the way of certain clothing items and whether you have faced these issues before.

Thanks for reading I really appreciate it,

M x

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