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Facilitating a renewed love for books

In a society like ours where there are technological advances every day, past time such as reading books can be overlooked.

For me, throughout my life I have had a love for books, when I was a child I was the odd one out. Others would build and play and run around but I could be found in a corner reading a book. It was where I felt the most comfortable and I didn't mind my own company when my mind was being transported into the world of the book.

I don't have one specific genre or period I enjoy the most, I like to delve into the magic world of books. I know for ease nowadays people choose to listen to audiobooks or read on a kindle or iPad because who would want to lug a huge, heavy book around all the time? But for me, there isn't a better way of allowing your imagination to run wild than holding the physical book.

Personally, I prefer hardback books and this isn't because I am trying to be posh or sophisticated, it is purely because paperback book spines bend and break and leave marks where the spine has broken. That really hurts my heart!

I know that sounds silly and books should be read and loved, but for me these books in their delicate bindings should be loved in a careful way.

People don't find a need or enjoyment in a physical book very often anymore and my dream in life is to have my own personal library with walls filled from floor to ceiling in books. With a huge armchair and warm blanket.

That is my idea of a perfect heaven.

I have decided each week to share with you the book I have read. To open up both of our world to what authors and books are out there in the world. I will share my opinions and of course some spoilers but I think this may reignite your love for reading and books and the concept to find even a small amount of time to sit and read the book and form your own opinion.

I look forward to sharing my reads with you soon and see what you think.


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